Jewellery Expertise

Flower & Maricar Ltd. provides expert advice to jewellery houses, private individuals, collectors and auction houses on market valuations for buying and selling. We work exclusively within the jewellery sector and offer impartial advice. Our integrity and reputation within the industry has provided our firm with opportunities to handle some of the rarest natural pearls, coloured stones and diamonds in the jewellery market spanning four generations.

Sourcing Rare Gems & Diamonds

We are established dealers in fine and rare coloured gemstones, diamonds and natural pearls. Our network to source fine gems extends from Brazil, Africa, Thailand and Sri Lanka and many more regions. We are dealers in ethically-sourced gemstones direct from trusted miners and dealers established with safe and ethical working practices over several generations within the jewellery industry.

Antique Jewellery & Natural Pearls

Our wealth of knowledge extends back several generations, we specialise in fine coloured gemstones in antique jewellery. From Ceylon sapphires, Burmese rubies and Colombian emeralds. Our knowledge in sourcing the finest quality gems from a wide variety of antique and vintage jewellery allows us to provide buyers the opportunity to access and enjoy some of the finest heirlooms passed down through generations. Our family specialty in natural saltwater pearls that have long been exhausted in the. commercial supply regions of the Gulf and India. We source rare pearls for jewellers and collectors from antique jewels, offering the chance to buy, restore or sell natural pearls.