A certificate is a report from a globally recognised gemstone laboratory.

This report will authenticate the gemstone type, carat weight, colour, dimensions and origin (where determinable). It will also include whether any artificial treatments have occurred to enhance the gem, as this will have a direct impact on the overall price. Natural gemstones with little or no enhancements are rarer, valuable purchases which command higher prices and will always be the better investment compared to gems subjected to enhancements.

Flower & Maricar will always supply full documentation at the request of the customer to give you confidence that we deliver gemstones with full disclosure.


  • Gemological Institute of America (GIA)
  • HRD Antwerp
  • The Institute of Gemology (IGI)

Coloured Gemstones & Pearls

  • Swiss Gemmological Institute SSEF
  • Gubelin Gem Lab, Switzerland
  • GRS GemResearch Swisslab
  • American Gemological Laboratories (AGL)
  • Gem & Pearl Laboratory
  • C. Dunaigre Consulting GMBH